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My favorite thing about Global Trade is the opportunity to meet incredibly creative people.

My training in industrial, packaging and graphic design was tempered with the great influence of countless semesters crossing campus, to engage in classes taught by the masters at the School of American Craftsmen. The observation, support and advice of grad students from around the world have clearly influenced my design sense and understanding of mixed medium. I am continually inspired by the world’s craftsmen. YouTube videos of ancient process, tools and techniques are a never ending source for an unexpected twist to adapt into my next work.


I am a big fan of ETSY and Pinterest platforms because they provide the infrastructure and business tools to reach a worldwide market place, connect me with products and services that are not available in my area and support other entrepreneurial artists and makers like me.

I have become so passionate about a new initiative that is making it possible for small and medium companies to expand in foreign markets  that I have decided to share it with all of you via my web site. The Innovation Technology Hub Of The Americas, ITHOTA, and its plans to connect Polish and Latin American companies with opportunity to not just broaden their markets to the United States, but also to connect them with each other.

The ITHOA Initiative is a result of the collaborative efforts of the US and Polish Governments, in conjunction with private industry sectors, providing businesses in Florida/Americas and Poland/Europe with a physical and digital back office, unified communication and multimedia resources.

The industry sectors that are the focus of the initiative are innovation technology, food and beverage, construction and healthcare. ITHOTA is supported by a team of professionals and strategic partners with over 30 years experience in; innovation technology, business development, financing, wealth management, logistics, public relations/communications, digital marketing, sales, and translation services.

I have been privileged to meet some of the entrepreneurs that have joined ITHOTA and have been delighted by the innovative products and services they have to share with the world! In the weeks and months ahead I will be sharing stories from the US, Latin America, Poland and Europe on my IT Hub tab. I hope you will check in from time to time to see what new innovative technologies are on the horizon.

Of course for all of you that know the artist in me, you will be able to see my work from the

Gallery tab.  The new studio is under construction and “Oh, you know I have a grand plan!”. John and I are currently working on the multi-purpose training table/work space to accommodate up to six student work spaces. We are planning to have the first phase of the studio completed in time for fall classes! If you are interested in receiving information on class offerings and schedules please sign up for my monthly newsletter.





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